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Duracell Lithium CR2 Battery, supplied as a single unit, is a specialized energy source designed to power a variety of devices that require compact, high-voltage batteries. The single-pack option caters to those who need a durable and long-lasting power source for devices where standard batteries cannot deliver the required performance.


  • Single-Pack Flexibility: Ideal for users who require only one battery, ensuring no excess or waste.
  • High-Voltage Output: A 3V lithium battery that provides powerful energy for high-drain electronics.
  • Long Shelf Life: Engineered to maintain energy over long storage periods, ready for use when needed.
  • Compact Powerhouse: Despite its small size, it delivers a strong performance in the appropriate devices.
  • Widely Compatible: Suitable for a range of electronics that specifically call for a CR2 battery type.
  • Alternative Names / Codes: CR17355, 5046LC, EL1CR2, KCR2, KLCR2


  • Golf Rangefinders: Ensures golfers have precise distance measurements throughout rounds of play.
  • Home Automation: Powers sensors and small devices within smart home systems.
  • Photography Accessories: Operates certain types of flash units and photographic light meters.
  • Electronic Dog Training Collars: Provides reliable power to training aids for better pet management.
  • Portable Medical Devices: Essential for certain compact, portable medical devices used in home healthcare.
  • Security Sensors: Powers motion sensors and small cameras for residential security systems.

The provision of the 3V Duracell Lithium CR2 Battery in a single pack is a nod to the brand's understanding of diverse consumer needs. It ensures that your specialized gadgets are never without power, affirming Duracell's reputation for reliability and excellence. Whether it's aiding in home security, contributing to health management, or enhancing your leisure activities, this battery is built to support and sustain the power needs of your most trusted devices

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